i once caught a fish THIS big!

summer of eating (and tossing) donuts!

quote of the week
“grampa sharpe caught 3 fish!  or… it might have been the same fish 3 times, i’m not sure.”

blue came back from wichita full of donuts and looking skinnier than ever!  of course, he says his favorite part of the trip was all the restaurants, but even more memorable was tossing his cookies (or donuts, as the case may be) after a few too many rides at all-star sports!   he loved the fishing, although he says he caught more sticks than fish!  it was a lot to cram into one week – swimming, fishing, eating, chuck e. cheese, the zoo and an endless amount of playing!  what a great summer so far!

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hurray for summer!

blue finished off fifth grade like a rock star!  he nailed the fifth grade talent show, rocked his band camp with his mad drumming skills and finished the school year with straight a’s!  let the summer begin!  we’ve all been pretty relaxed so far this summer – just lots of friends coming over, lots of swimming with z and lots of video games. blue also was accepted into the austin school for performing and visual arts (where hunter went) with a stellar audition (which included an on-the-spot improv of a surfer trying to get a job as a lifeguard – nailed it!).  go blue!

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