a day in the life of blue

wrapping it up!

summer is fast coming to an end!  blue just finished a 3-day football camp (in the texas sun!).  he was super nervous about it – worried about the heat, worried because he didn’t know anyone, worried because he doesn’t feel like he’s a great athlete.  but as it turned out, it was stellar!  there were about 100 boys there and at the end of each day, about 10 of them got a t-shirt for showing leadership and commitment – on the last day, blue got a shirt!  he was so happy, he got a little teary (that might have been the exhaustion, too).  he said he wasn’t sure if he deserved the shirt, since he wasn’t one of the best players.  we decided it was all about heart, and blue’s got plenty of that!  we were all proud of his accomplishment!  that was our last summer camp, so now we’re just swimming and playing as many video games as we can possibly get in, before we start the school year!

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